Why is Proper Drainage So Important On A Commercial Roof?

Most of us go throughout the day without ever thinking about the roofs over our heads. Yet, they are one of the most important parts of any building that we’re in. They protect us, our belongings, and even our businesses. That’s why it’s so important that a roof is functioning properly. One way to feel confident about your protection is to ensure your commercial roof has a proper drainage system. In this article, Andy’s Roofing is going to review why proper drainage systems are so important to the health of your commercial roof. 

Key Takeaways:

It is important that commercial roofs have proper drainage systems otherwise they can suffer from various problems.

  1. Water Damage can take the form of leaks, mold and fungi growth, equipment damage, and even energy loss, so it is important to prevent it from occurring. 
  2. Structural Integrity of a commercial roof can be damaged because the excess water causes the roof to sag and mold can rot important parts of the building. 
  3. Health Hazards can be created when mold and fungi grow, potentially damaging an individual’s respiratory system. 
  4. Infestations can occur if water pools on a commercial roof because it will attract birds, mosquitoes, flies, and wasps.

Prevent Water Damage

The primary reason that proper drainage is so important on a commercial roof is that it prevents water damage from occurring. When water is not able to drain properly, it can build up on a commercial roof which is what allows water damage to occur. Water damage can take the form of leaks, mold or fungi growth, equipment damage, and energy loss. To prevent these problems from occurring, business owners need to ensure that they have a drainage system in place to ward off the damage of water on their commercial roofs. 

Protect Building’s Structural Integrity

If water damage gets severe, it can hurt the structural integrity of a business. There are two primary ways that a building’s structural integrity can be damaged by poor drainage systems. First, if an excessive amount of water pools on a commercial roof, it can cause it to sag. This can put a lot of stress on both the roof and the entire structure, and it can even cause the roof to collapse. Second, mold can rot away important structural elements of the roof and building. If these elements rot completely they may not be able to support the roof or other parts of the building. To put it simply, proper drainage systems are essential to protecting a building’s structural integrity. 

Reduces Health Hazards

When water accumulates on a commercial roof, it can create a breeding ground for mold and other harmful bacteria. Mold can cause a range of health problems, including respiratory issues, allergies, and even infections. Additionally, exposure to these elements can aggravate existing health conditions like asthma and other respiratory disorders. The last thing any property owner wants is to risk the health and safety of their customers or employees. Ensuring your property has a functioning drainage system keeps the health and safety of those in and around your building a priority important to all businesses and property owners.

Prevent Infestations

Standing water on a commercial roof can attract numerous pests. These pests can include birds, mosquitoes, wasps, and flies. The birds will be attracted because the water acts as a drinking source, and they may even nest on the commercial roof to be near it. Mosquitoes, wasps, and flies will be attracted to the standing water because they can breed in it. Standing water on a roof attracts these pests, so the business owner must prevent water from accumulating in order to protect the structural integrity of the roof. Inviting pests to make themselves at home on your roof is a pesky problem to deal with. When you keep water away, you keep the pests away too.

Your commercial roof deserves the best care possible, and that’s exactly what we, at Andy’s Roofing, promise to provide to all of our customers. We work with our customers to ensure that they’re happy with their commercial roofs because we understand just how important that roof is in protecting your business. So, if you want to see how we can help you call now! Our number is (309)333-5806.

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