What Are The Most Common Damages To Commerical Roofs?

Your commercial roof serves as the primary shield for your business, protecting it from a variety of hazards such as pests, hail, storms, and other potentially damaging elements. While the roof stands strong against these threats, it is also susceptible to damage from the very same factors. In this article, Andy’s Roofing wishes to inform local businesses and property owners about the most prevalent types of damage that can befall commercial roofs. Additionally, for optimal roof performance and protection, it’s worth noting the significance of seasonal maintenance on commercial roofs, as discussed in a separate blog post on our website.

Key Takeaways:

There are four common types of damage that can occur on a commercial roof. 

  1. Wind Damage occurs when strong sustained winds repeatedly blow across a commercial roof damaging the flashing. 
  2. Hail Damage can create punctures or holes in the roof of a commercial building. 
  3. Water Damage occurs when water is able to leak past the protective layer of the roof’s surface which can cause structural damage as rot and mildew can grow. 
  4. Tree Damage can take the form of either a tree or tree limb falling on a commercial roof. It can cause structural damage, damage the roof’s membrane, or prevent proper drainage. 

Wind Damage

A commercial roof can often be susceptible to wind damage. It normally occurs when strong sustained winds blow across a commercial roof. The high winds can damage a commercial roof in several different ways. First, the flashings can be uplifted or may shift as a result of wind damage. Flashing is an important piece of a commercial roof since it protects your roof’s vertical edge, such as a chimney or wall. If the flashing becomes loose it can no longer protect against water. 

Second, strong winds can cause cracks to form in the roof’s membrane. The main purpose of a roof’s membrane is to protect against water and other elements, so if cracks form it is no longer fulfilling that purpose. Worse, water can seep in causing more problems beyond the cracks in the roof’s membrane. Protecting your business or commercial property from all water damage is your roof’s main function. You can avoid letting strong winds damage your investment by careful inspection if you suspect wind wreaked havoc on your roof. 

Hail Damage

Hail damage is another problem that often affects commercial roofs. Hailstones can be particularly damaging depending on the size and severity of the hail storm. There are multiple different ways hail can damage a commercial roof. These damages can include creating dents or cracks in the roof’s surface, punctures in the roof’s membrane, and damage to roof flashing. All of these damages can lead to water and other elements getting into your commercial roof and causing even more damage. It is important that roofs are inspected after every hail storm possibility to ensure no damage has been done. 

Water Damage 

Water damage can be incredibly harmful to a commercial roof. It often occurs when holes, cracks, or small openings are created on a roof’s surface. Water damage can cause mildew or rot to grow, damaging the structural integrity of a business. Furthermore, it can create water stains and discoloration on the ceilings and walls causing the business to lose some of its physical appeal. It is important that as soon as business owners notice these signs that they get their roofs repaired. 

Tree Damage

Trees are also quite a danger to commercial buildings, especially in rural areas. There are three main ways that trees can damage a commercial roof. First, it can cause structural damage if it falls onto the roof. It can potentially collapse part of the roof or even the building. Second, limbs can also fall on the roof which can cause damage to the business as well. These are typically more minor surface damages which include punctures, cracks, and holes forming in the roof. Third, debris from trees can block drainage on a business’s roof causing water to build up and pool. This can often lead to water damage occurring. If you suspect a tree or its debris is damaging your roof, an inspection of the area can help identify if your roof is susceptible to damage.

At Andy’s Roofing, we want our community to know how to best protect their commercial roofs. We understand that your business deserves the utmost care, and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the best commercial roofing services. So don’t hesitate to reach out now for a free roof inspection! Our number is (309)333-5806. 

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