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Seasonal Maintenance To Protect A Commercial Roof’s Lifespan

Sun, rain, snow, or ice your business’s roof has seen it all. It has gone through horrible snowstorms, severe thunderstorms, and harsh winds. With your roof facing all these different elements, it’s important that you plan for all of them. This means that your business’s roof needs to be prepared to face each season and all of its threats head-on. At Andy’s Roofing, we want you to be ready to face each season, that’s why we’re going to share tips to properly maintain your roof each season. 

Key Takeaways:

To improve your commercial roof’s lifespan, it’s critical that you adequately prepare it for each season.

  1. Spring: It is a time of heavy rainfall, so you should make sure that your gutters are cleared so they can drain easily. 
  2. Summer: Animals are likely to try and burrow into your roof to escape the heat; therefore, you should constantly be checking for any animal infestations. 
  3. Fall: This is the perfect time to begin preparing your roof for winter which includes cleaning your gutters and trimming overhanging tree limbs.
  4. Winter: During winter, you do not want snow or ice to build up on your roof which means you have to constantly clean off your business’s roof.

Spring Roof Maintenance

Springtime is full of intense and heavy downpours. These torrential rains could prove detrimental to your roof if it isn’t able to drain away. To make it so the rain can drain, you should always clean your building’s drains at the beginning of the season and as needed. It is possible to clean your gutters by yourself but to prevent mishaps and ensure it is done professionally consider hiring an expert. 

Summer Roof Maintenance

Summer is a time of sunny days and heat, but humans aren’t the only ones experiencing it. Small animals may attempt to burrow into roofs to escape the heat and find shelter. This means that you should check for any holes or damaged areas in your roof, as they can be potential animal infestations. If there are any damages you should contact a roofing company to come to perform repairs. 

Fall Roof Maintenance

Fall is the optimum time to prepare for winter. This means trimming back tree limbs that are hanging over your organization’s roof to ensure that they don’t fall during the winter months. You should also clean your gutters so that snow can drain properly during the winter. Additionally, it is highly encouraged that you get a roof inspection before winter hits, protecting your business from problems that could soon prove expensive and dangerous.

Winter Roof Maintenance

Winter is the harshest season for your roof to go through. With strong winds, snow, and ice, it’s important that you’re keeping a constant watch on your roof for any problems that may occur. This means that one of your priorities should be preventing snow and ice from building up. If it is only a small build-up, it is possible to remove the build-ups by yourself, but for larger more dangerous build-ups, it is important that you have a trained professional do it. 

Andy’s Roofing knows that your commercial roof needs to be able to make it through every season, so it can support and protect your business. We’re proud to support Smithshire, Illinois, and all of its surrounding areas. So call us now and see how we can best support you and your business! (309)333-5806

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