The Unique Challenges and Solutions for Church Roofing Projects

Many churches throughout the United States are well over a hundred years old, and they have become pillars in their communities. Yet, like every other building they still need proper maintenance and regular repair, especially their roofs. But church roofs can often be incredibly ornate which can make taking proper care of them incredibly difficult. That’s why, in this article, Andy’s Roofing is going to explain how to properly take care of a church roof. 

Key Takeaways:

A church roof often presents unique challenges because of its structure and design.

  • Church roofs often have non-standard features like steeples, parapets, and steep slopes that can make it difficult to work on them. 
  • Some churches will be concerned about the historic preservation of the building which will require the roofing contractor to do additional work to maintain the church’s integrity.
  • The type of materials used on the roof matter because the church is concerned with historical accuracy as well as being aesthetically pleasing. This means the roofing contractor may have to use roofing materials that are less common. 
  • To properly maintain the church’s roof, it is important that regular maintenance is done. This will prevent larger issues from occurring on the roof.

Nonstandard Features

One of the largest challenges for church roofing projects is their unique shape and structure. A church roof often contains several unique structural elements that make it so that they require an experienced roofing professional to work on them. Here is a short list of some of the structural features on a church roof that make it a unique challenge:

  1. Steep-Pitched Roofs: Church roofs are often steeply pitched making it difficult for a roofing company to work on them safely. The roofing company will have to take extra precautions to ensure that everyone is safe because a steeply pitched roof can be dangerous to the workers. 
  2. Steeples: While most churches have steeples, they can be incredibly difficult for commercial roofing companies to work. One reason is that steeples can be very tall and difficult to access. Often, a roofing company will have to set up a specially rigged device to be able to reach it. 
  3. Ornate Designs: Church roofs often have complex and beautiful designs that can be difficult to repair or replace. They can feature objects like parapets, sub-roofs, arches, and spires. All of these will structures can be difficult to work on, and they will take time and effort to fix properly. 

A church roof needs a serious and experienced commercial roofing company that can tackle the different problems that can arise. The unique features of a church roof mean that it will take time and effort to ensure that they are taken care of properly.  

Historic Preservation

For many churches, they may also be concerned about the historic preservation of the building. This is because many churches often have historical significance, and it is essential that they maintain their historical appearance. To do this properly, there are several steps that the roofing contractor will have to take. First, the roofing company will have to research the original design carefully to ensure that they understand what will be needed for the project.  

Once they have properly researched the project, they may have to get approval to work on the church. Many churches are subject to preservation laws that require express approval for them to be worked on. Once they have been granted permission, the commercial roofing company can begin working on it. To maintain historic preservation, they may have to use specific roofing materials and only implement certain techniques while working on the project. This means that it’s critical that a trustworthy contractor is hired because they will be able to successfully follow rules and regulations for the project. 

Roof Materials Matter

When working on a roofing project for a church, the type of materials used is an important factor to consider. Aesthetics and maintaining historical accuracy are crucial parts of a roofing system for most churches, so it’s important that the materials are able to look pleasing to the eye. This means they may use materials that are not typically used during roofing projects, and instead, they will use something that fits that church’s style. 

To maintain this aesthetic, the church may want to use roofing materials like copper, slate, or tile. These roofing materials may be more difficult to use than more modern materials. Additionally, if the roof is old enough, it can be difficult to even find the right type of materials. This type of problem can set back the entire repair or replacement process, and it will be a more costly job than normal. That’s why it’s so important to hire a respectable roofing contractor that understands how to properly install different types of roofing materials. 

Regular Maintenance

A church roof often needs regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that it is still functioning properly. Like all other types of buildings, the roof of a church can and will weaken over time because of its exposure to the elements. This can include water damage, wind damage, and other common threats to roofs. The church roof will also just deteriorate naturally as it ages. All these reasons are why it is so important to get regular inspections done on a church roof. They will make it possible to catch small issues and have them repaired before they become larger issues that will require more time and money. 

When someone is looking to have repairs done on a church roof, it is important that they hire the right roofing contractor for their needs. At Andy’s Roofing, we have experience with steep roofs, historical roofs, and church roofs. Our promise to every commercial roofing customer is a guarantee that we will take great care and consideration with your building no matter the age, historical nature, or pitch. At Andy’s Roofing and Construction, we will be proactive, and solve any problems or needs that our clients may have. Your roof is important. Andy understands. Call Andy’s Roofing and Construction and ask about our experience in commercial and church roofs. Our number is (309)333-5806 or visit our website at

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