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Three Benefits of Scheduling a Commercial Roof Inspection

As a business or commercial property owner you have a lot to think about to keep things running smoothly. However, Andy suggests regular commercial roof inspections be a priority for property owners especially when the weather is changing. Here are three reasons why you should schedule a commercial roof inspection.

What Is A Roof Inspection For?

First, it is important to note that a roof inspection is critical for commercial properties because of the purpose your roof serves. You may be tempted to think of your roof as just the top of your building but it does so much more than that! A good roof protects the value of your property, keeps your building energy efficient, and protects your employees, products, and customers. 

In addition, a well-maintained roof will provide efficiency for your business. A roof helps keep the temperature of your building appropriate in warm and cold weather. If your roof is compromised the weather can cause leaks and additional damage to your building. In addition, energy costs can be affected when a roof fails to protect the building from weather conditions. Even the smallest compromise in your roof’s membranes or along a flashing, for example, is enough for Mother Nature to cause damage. A good roof inspector will examine these and many other aspects of your roof to determine if your roof shows signs of disrepair.

Why Do I Need To Have A Roof Inspection?

Even if you have recently undergone a commercial roof replacement project you will want to keep a roof inspection in your regular maintenance schedule. Many outside conditions can affect the durability of your roof. This is no reflection on your roofing materials! Mother Nature can be cruel. A commercial roof inspection will help identify clogged areas where water may pool due to down limbs or debris. In addition, the wind can beat against edge materials or weaken seals along parapet walls. Identifying and dealing with these pesky problems in a timely manner can help extend the reliability and durability of your roof. 

Lastly, a roof inspection can help keep your business productive. Lost work time because of an unsafe or neglected roof can cause an evacuation resulting in an expensive profit loss. While closing your business for maintenance may seem dramatic, it happens. In addition, employees and customers know if the building is being neglected causing them to feel unsafe. This can result in an expensive loss and unproductive employees. Roof inspections and regular maintenance will help keep your business moving and your brand reputable.

Can The Weather Affect My Roof Quality?

Midwest weather is anything but predictable and over the course of time your roof will be exposed to snow, rain, heat, and harsh cold conditions. It is for this reason that Andy’s Roofing and Construction offers commercial property owners free roof inspections. You can trust Andy and his years of experience with commercial property roof replacement projects. 

If you would like to know about what types of roofing materials Andy offers visit “4 Commercial Roofs That Have You Covered”. When you are ready for an inspection by an experienced commercial roofing specialist call Andy. Andy’s Roofing and Construction has the experience you need to keep your roof well-maintained. Call (309) 333-5806 today! 

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