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How to Work a New Roof Into Your Next Capital Project Plan

The age of your commercial roof is starting to concern you as a business owner but how can you think about a new roof installation when inflation prices and threats of recession loom? As you plan for the upcoming fiscal year many business owners look to their capital project budgets for covering the costs of roof replacement. Andy’s Roofing and Construction has some advice for you to help see that your commercial property gets the coverage it needs to keep your investment secure. 

Does The Property Qualify For Capital Funds?

The first thing any commercial roof owner should do before tackling a new roof installation is to investigate if your property qualifies to use capital funds. Many small businesses or property owners can benefit from tax deductions for new or replacement construction projects such as additions or roof installation. In addition, many grant opportunities are often available through business development grants, city beautification, and energy efficiency grants. Before considering a budget for a roofing project investigate what financial opportunities exist to help alleviate costs. This can save you money and boost your property’s value. 

Get A Free Estimate

Once you’ve decided it is time to get commercial roofing estimates, be sure to find a roofing contractor with commercial roofing experience. Some good questions to ask your contractor include what is the maximum square footage of past projects and warranty expectations on the installation and products. In addition, a good commercial roofer will offer free estimates only after inspecting your roof and asking you for some information. Be very cautious of a contractor who offers a quote over the phone without having done research on your structure. 

Setup Your Budget

When you’ve worked your budget and found a commercial roof installer, you may wonder about the actual cost you can expect for your project. Commercial roofing has some special nuances in order to get an accurate quote. For example, factors such as weather, size, and location of your building can all affect anticipated costs. In addition, roofing material, ease of access to your roof, and debris removal are all factors reputable roofing contractors will take into consideration.


When it comes to capital project plans, there are four main types of commercial roofing products commonly used so when you are ready to hire a dependable and experienced commercial roofing contractor turn to locally owned and operated Andy’s Roofing and Construction. Andy and his crew have a reputation in the Knox County, Quad Cities, Peoria, and surrounding areas for excellence and high-quality craftsmanship. To explore your commercial roofing options, call Andy’s Roofing and Construction. Andy has the experience you need for the roof you want. Call (309) 333-5806 for a free quote.

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