3 Commercial Roof Problems You Don’t Want To Have

The roof of a commercial building is the most important part of the structure, and it plays an integral role in protecting your business. Therefore, it is vital to keep your roof in good condition and ensure that repairs are made as soon as possible if any problems arise. Roofs can become damaged for a variety of reasons; however, there are three common commercial roof problems that occur frequently. Andy wants property owners everywhere to know what to look for so that they can have confidence in their commercial roof. Read on to discover the three most common commercial roof problems.


Andy is an experienced commercial roofing contractor who wants property owners to get a long life from their commercial roofs by avoiding these 3 common problems:

  1. Inspect commercial roofs for punctures. These tiny tears or holes are caused by fallen debris, animals, or foot traffic.
  2. Inspect commercial roofs for ponding water. If water pools in low-lying areas it could cause damage over time. 
  3. Inspect commercial roofs for shrinkage. In extreme weather, the metal products on your roof can shrink or expand causing leaks.

Commercial Roofs Are Prone To Puncture

Punctures are damage to the roof that can be caused by nails, foot traffic, or other objects. In addition, puncture damage can be caused by animals such as birds or squirrels. Punctures are challenging to detect but with an experienced roofer punctures can be identified before too much damage is done. Annual roof inspections are important to locate punctures and help ward off water from leaking into your business.

What Is Ponding?

Standing water is always a problem. You don’t drive through it on the road and you certainly don’t want it collecting on your roof. When water cannot drain from the roof and ponding occurs, it can lead to serious problems. If you see any signs or if you suspect that there might be a problem, you may want to get your roof inspected by a professional. Andy says to watch for water stains on ceilings after a rainfall, wet walls, or pools of water on the roof after most of the rain has dried.

Watch Out For Shrinkage On Your Roof

Shrinkage is a common problem with commercial roofs and you can blame Mother Nature for that. Shrinkage, in terms of commercial roofing, happens when extreme weather hits. With shrinkage, metal can change in size from one season to another, causing the roof to weaken over time to withstand extreme weather conditions. If you suspect your joints are affected, look closely for broken or missing fasteners. To check for this, you should examine your joints for breakage and look for any signs of water damage around them.

If you want your business to be successful and functional, you need a commercial roof that is in good condition. Roof problems can cause serious damage to your business and its employees, so it’s important that you maintain regular maintenance on your roof. If you notice any of these signs of trouble, call an experienced commercial roofing contractor near you. Andy’s Roofing and Construction has a solid reputation across Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa for his integrity and craftsmanship. Andy offers free inspections. If you wonder how your commercial roof is holding up call Andy today at (309) 333-5806. 

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