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How To Deal With Water Stains Appearing On Your Ceiling

Business owners work hard to make sure that their presentation to customers and potential clients is perfect. That’s why when discovering an unsightly water stain on your property appears on your ceiling you can feel embarrassment or worse, frustration. Andy’s Roofing and Construction understand how to identify and repair roofs suffering from water damage. Quick attention at that first sign of a water stain can save you both time and money. In this blog, we will cover the common causes of water stains and recommend ways for your business to stay watertight.


Discovering a water stain on the ceiling of your business can be both frustrating and embarrassing. Andy’s Roofing and Construction have this advice to help commercial roof owners with water stains:

  1. Do not hesitate to address water stains as soon as they are discovered. Ignoring water stains can cause you unnecessary expenses when left unattended.
  2. Do examine your roof for damage. Fallen debris, ice jams, and pooling water can result in the degradation of your roof creating weak spots.
  3. Do not try and cover ceiling stains without addressing the problem. No amount of paint will correct the appearance of a ceiling that has an active leak.

Discovering a brown water stain on your ceiling is not the worst thing to discover. An actively leaking pipe or weak spot in your roof could be a much more challenging and expensive situation. If you were to find a broken pipe in your ceiling you would naturally deal with the problem immediately to save yourself from further damage and expense. Similarly, you should approach a water stain with the same vigor. Andy understands it may be tempting to ignore a water stain, especially if it presents as perhaps a single incident. However, ignoring a water stain means ignoring a problem, a growing problem. You may create a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and damaged materials if left ignored. To keep your structure, and those inside it safe, it is recommended you problem-solve any water stains as soon as they are discovered.

What Causes Water Stains On My Ceiling?

If you have ever tried to solve a water problem, particularly one related to weather, you know that water can be tricky to evaluate. There could be a variety of reasons why your roof is showing signs of water damage after a storm or rainy day. If your roof has any weak or low spots, pooling water, or if ice or weather has caused damage to your roof water wants to find a way in. Wind can also play a factor in leaking roofs. Your roof may only show signs of damage if the wind blows from a certain direction. Identifying the problem can be frustrating however, this attention to detail will protect your investment. Regular inspections are critical to managing the condition of your roof and keeping water from getting into your building. 

What Should I Do If I Find Stains Appearing On My Ceiling?

Ceiling stains are an embarrassment and equal parts annoyance. Water stains can lower your business’s aesthetic appeal and cause customers or employees to wonder if other problems exist making them feel anxious or unsafe. Addressing ceiling stains as soon as you notice them is the best plan of action to avoid future, more expensive costs. It is not recommended that you paint over or attempt to disguise the damage on your ceiling without first addressing where the water came from. Covering water stains without fixing the source of the problem will only exasperate the obvious damage. Painting over a water stain may seem like a temporary fix but the damage will show through, especially if the area suffers more damage. Considering the level of damage to your ceiling, it may be time to contact a professional for assistance. 

You don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of brown, ugly stains on your ceilings. It is possible to get a professional to help assess and address any water problems your roof may develop. Andy is a commercial roofing specialist with years of experience servicing Knox County, Warren County, Burlington, Iowa, and surrounding communities. Andy’s Roofing and Construction can help you avoid the hassle of a DIY roof project, can repair the affected areas, or recommend a plan for a replacement to prevent water penetration to your commercial roof. Call Andy today for reliable, commercial roofing and construction services at 309-333-5806 or 

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