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Can a New Roof Help You Save On Energy Costs?

Definitely. Installing a new roof will make your structure more energy efficient, and it will help your business save costs on monthly energy bills. Nowadays, when there’s a looming recession with rising costs and a shortage of materials, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about energy costs? In this blog, we will cover ways your roof can help cut energy costs.

How Does A Roof Affect Energy Costs?

There are many sneaky places where you could be losing money right out the window – literally. High energy expenses come from a variety of areas in your business: drafty doors, loose or old windows that are not energy efficient, improperly insulated walls and basements, as well as an outdated roof. These problem areas can be strongly affected by changing temperatures and humidity levels that seep in from the outside, affecting the environment inside your business.

A low-efficiency, poorly insulated roof can let in too much heat in the summer, leaving you with huge air conditioning bills. It can also let out too much heat in the winter, leading to astronomical heating costs. The wrong roof will dramatically increase your energy costs every single year. 

How Will A New Roof Cut Energy Costs?

While it is true that different roofing materials will offer a variety of energy-efficient options, the biggest factor in determining how much a property owner can save on energy costs is the local climate. Your building’s location and the type of weather it will endure will guide a roofing company to advise you on what type of roofing material will provide you with the best protection.

How Do I Know Which Roofing Material To Use?

Ever wonder what makes one business owner go with a flat roof while his neighbor has a pitched roof? Roofing materials vary in their ability to protect your building and transfer or protect from elements. An experienced roofer can discuss solar reflection options, roof ventilation, energy star rating products, and other technological advances in roofing materials. 

Hire A Roofing Company with Commercial Roof Experience

Roofing material has a significant impact on your building’s energy performance. Flat roofs, for example, are very cost effective. However, it is also critical to work with a roofer who has experience in commercial roofs for your project to be successful.  A new roof will not solve your energy leaks if the roof is not installed properly. The problems of leaky doors, windows, and drafts will remain if you do not use a trained, experienced roofer. Save yourself the headache of a poorly constructed roof and increasing energy costs, and contact a trusted roofer.  

If you are weary of high energy costs, it may be time to consider the benefits a new roof would bestow. Contact a trusted, local roofing company like Andy’s Roofing and Construction for a free roof inspection and consultation for energy-efficient roofing solutions. Call Andy at (309)333-5806.

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