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Avoid These Mistakes With Commercial Roofing Installations

When you think about your business, you probably don’t think about the roof. Yet, it is an integral part of your business. You don’t want your business to suffer if your roof fails, damaging it. When installing a commercial roof, mistakes are easy to make, especially by inexperienced commercial roofing contractors. That’s why it’s critical to know some of the most common mistakes made during commercial roofing installations and how to avoid them. At Andy’s Roofing, we believe you deserve to know how to protect your roof and business. 

Bad Installation

One of the biggest problems that can occur during a commercial roof installation is simply a bad installation.  A bad installation is a gateway for more problems to occur in the future.  Signs that it could be a poor installation are damaged roofing materials or leaking. It is inevitable that a defectively installed roof will also need to be replaced sooner than its life expectancy. 

It’s in the best interest of your business and commercial roof that you get one of the best roofing companies possible for the job. When you hire a trustworthy and reputable company, you can be sure that your roof will last for years to come. The first thing you should do is ensure that the commercial roofing company you hire is an expert in the field. 

Poor Drainage

A problem that commonly occurs during the installation of commercial roofs is poor drainage. Most commercial roofs are either flat or have small slopes, which makes it easy for water to pool on top of them. To prevent water from pooling, it is important that a good drainage system is installed. If a good drainage system is not installed, your commercial roof is likely to experience pooling water that can damage the roof. 

Flashing Failures

Flashing exists as an additional barrier on your commercial roof. Its purpose is to protect parts of your roof that are susceptible to leak formation. For example, a place where leaks are likely to occur is where the roof meets a wall. If the flashing is not installed properly or it fails, then your commercial roof is most likely going to experience leaking. Additionally, flashing will wear over time so it must be regularly inspected for any wear or damage. Good properly installed flashing can be the difference between whether or not your roof experiences leaking.  

Poor Maintenance

As a commercial roof owner, you should always schedule regular maintenance on your roof. This can involve doing yearly inspections to see if there have been any damages to your roof. If problems have developed you can complete basic repairs before they become larger issues that are harder to fix. If you get proper maintenance done, not only will you avoid needing major repairs, but it can also lengthen the lifespan of your roof. You should always make sure that a trusted commercial roofing company is there to take care of your roof. 

At Andy’s Roofing, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best roof installation possible. We will never cut corners or do less than our absolute best on a job. Located in Smithshire, Illinois, we are proud to serve our community and the surrounding area. We offer free roof inspections so call us at (309)333-5806!

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